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Located just 30 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center is a premiere meeting facility offering a distraction-free setting for meetings, sales presentations, and teambuilding programs. Our attention to detail is evident in how we help clients find innovative techniques and solutions to produce the most inspiring meeting, learning and event environment. From our dedicated meeting planners, outstanding teambuilding facilities and creative catering to superb meeting rooms and valuable meeting packages, we strive to create an unrivaled experience every time.

Quick Facts

Oak Ridge

1 Oak Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN 55318, USA

Area Map | Driving Directions

  • Distance to nearest airport: 23 miles
  • Acreage: 130 | Hectares: 52.6
  • Total Guest Rooms: 147
  • Total Meeting Rooms: 35
  • Total Meeting Space: 22,000 ft2 / 2,044 m2
  • Largest Meeting Room: 3,205 ft2 / 298 m2
  • Second Largest Meeting Room: 2,046 ft2 / 190 m2

Meeting Packages

We offer two meeting packages, the "Complete Meeting Package" and the "Day Meeting Package." No matter what plan you choose, all the elements for a successful meeting are combined into one convenient, easy-to-budget package rate.

  • General Session Meeting Room
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Continuous Refreshment Breaks
  • Dedicated Meeting Planner
  • Audio Visual Package
  • Meals
  • Service Charge
  • Guestroom Included With CMP Package


At Oak Ridge we encourage time be set aside in your agenda for team activities. We believe that meeting attendees who are given the opportunity to do something fun and exciting outside of the conference room will bring back to the table fresh ideas and increased participation. Oak Ridge offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to surprise and please them. A sampling of team activities available to you are:

Iron Chef

Our Iron Chef activity incorporates friendly competition at its best. We offer a variety of different themes, which will specify the key ingredients for your private cooking challenge.  Show off your creative cooking skills during this interactive and overwhelmingly fun event!

Plan, prepare and present a creative four-course meal.

Our Iron Chef activity incorporates friendly competition at its best. We offer a variety of different themes, which will specify the key ingredients for your private cooking challenge. Our culinary staff will create a fantastic personalized activity and meal, complete with a judging competition. After your group divides into teams, they will compete to prepare the winning entrée and present their finished display of teamwork. Your group will not only enjoy the experience, but the hand crafted result from the fruits of their labor.

  • Friendly competition
  • Creates a special bond with a small team of workers
  • Great for new companies or teams
  • Inspires creativity and teamwork
  • Work with culinary staff to personalize your own company goal

To book an Iron Chef Competition or if you would like more information call our sales office at 952.368.1419

Chili Cook Off

Turn up the heat as you and your team cook up a big pot of chili and stir up some competition.

Time to put on the chefs hat. This activity is down to earth, entertaining, and extremely creative. Your group will divide into teams as they create their very own chili recipe for their co-workers to taste. Everyone brings something different to the table as each team tries to develop the most unique, most popular, and best tasting chili mix. We can host this event both indoors or outdoors.

  • Great for groups of any size
  • Friendly competition
  • A unique "get to know your co-workers" event
  • Inspires teamwork and creativity

To book a Chili Cook-Off or if you would like more information, call our Sales Office at 952.368.1419


Minnesota Meetings & Events Magazine Recipient for Best Team Building Venue

Oak Ridge is the only conference destination in the Midwest with an on-site Teams Challenge Course. With 13 different elements to push you beyond your limits, clients can experience the success of overcoming challenges both individually and as a team.

Another popular teambuilding event is an "orienteering" exercise. Utilizing everything from maps and compasses to G.P.S. systems and two-way radios, teams of meetings guests are dropped off in the outlying woods and must find their way back to "base camp" using only their tools and wits.

We also offer many other teambuilding activities to suit your needs and to help your team become stronger by working together to accomplish specific goals.


Oak Ridge has teamed up with several teambuilding partners to bring you a variety of exciting and challenging teambuilding experiences. Our partners include The Prouty Project, Activ8 and the Lantern Group.  Each partner will help motivate your team and bring them closer together by improving communication and support, while providing a variety of learning environments and options; whether it be in a strategic classroom setting or with one of our outdoor activities.  No matter what the environment or goal of your meeting is, these partners have what it takes to create synerygy and creativity and increase productivity!

Ropes course

If you are looking for a corporate teambuilding event in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, inquire about the Oak Ridge Ropes Challenge Course. The ropes course is a great tool for team building and leadership development and enhances strategic planning sessions. It is a tremendous experience that can help drive teams and organizations forward.

The combination of Low and High Ropes Courses enables participants to grow at team and individual levels, while exploring risk, leadership, communication, problem solving, and coaching. The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration while the High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching.

Choose a Ropes Course Challenge to...

  • Pull new project teams together to practice problem solving in a group setting.
  • Have a fun and energizing kickoff for an annual retreat to celebrate success.
  • Build interdependence and risk taking skills.
  • Create a reference point for improving communications.
  • Integrate an enjoyable teambuilding activity into a multi-day meeting.

To book the Ropes Course Challenge or if you would like more information call our sales office at 952.368.1419.

The complexity challenge

This complex and challenging program sends groups out looking for answers to various clues and codes while using GPSs, compasses, and maps to locate the hidden resources they need to complete the final challenge.

A team challenge adventure designed to mirror the issues of competing priorities, complex stakeholder demands, ambiguous resources, and a pressing time deadline.

Imagine . . . 130 scenic acres of varied terrain outdoors, crisscrossed by trails, several locations chosen randomly, your team's challenge - to visit all the locations before time runs out. You have 2 hours to visit all the locations. Mission briefs and maps are handed out. Resources are provided, including compasses, Global Positioning Systems, two-way radios, a laptop computer and Internet link, and cash. Information is cryptic and confusing. Roles and responsibilities are ambiguous. The objective is unclear. Communications are difficult. And the clock is ticking . . .

This customized adventure simulation is our premier experiential offering. It has served as the launching pad and catalytic event for change in hundreds of organizations over the past 15 years. We know of few other experiences that can match its impact and learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Competing priorities, multi-tasking, and deciphering challenging communications.
  • Value of shared purpose and the power of the groups' combined focus.
  • Collaborate and share information across organizational boundaries.
  • Strategic use of resources within the team to solve the various problems.

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